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Here you will find beautiful original knitted and crochet patterns and if you dont have time to create them yourself; there are some of the finished items too!

Iris Wildsmith original knitting patterns

The first memory I have of knitting is my Nana; she taught me to knit. We used to walk to school that little bit early so we could sit and knit a few rows before class started. Looking back I really appreciate those meditative moments; which is what I now find most appealing about my knitted life. My other Grandma was an avid crocheter and though I never had the chance to yarn away a few hours with her, I know its to her that I owe my crochet gene.

So. That’s a little about where I started. And now; well I love to be always doing something with my needles so I enjoy intricate pieces mixed with bold colours or sections but most important to me is just the feel of it. Who doesn’t appreciate being wrapped in luxurious soft yarn?

All the items I create are made from all new materials (merino wool, pure cotton, cashmere, silk and alpaca) in the finest branded yarns and therefore I like to ensure that all my items reflect this quality.

I like to produce patterns which are easy to read and satisfying to knit, covering every detail to ensure that you're able to understand all aspects.

Now that you know a little more about me, why not have a look at some of my items?